Is it Stupid to Stop Corona Virus Precautions TOO EARLY?

On one of the original episodes of the original Twilight Zone, "The Old Man in the Cave," there was an old man in a cave who helped the town around him survive a post-nuclear holocaust. He answered their questions, put forther warnings, and gave them some good ideas. When a military man came into the town, the old man in the cave was made fun of. His previous warnings for the townsfolk and their guests not to eat the food and drink that was left over from the beginning of the disaster were made fun of. Oddly, the old man warning everyone from his cave that the food and drink was quite likely contaminated by radiation. After a night of eating, drinking and celebrating, everyone in the town -- including their military guests, was taken fatally ill by consuming the radioactive food and drink. They fell ill and died in the main street of the town. Only one man, the narrator of the story, survived. While not nearly as dramatic, could opening our world too early after being hit with the Corona Virus be perhaps somewhere nearly as fatal?

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