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During Wednesday night, March 11, 2020 just before the Utah Jazz was to take the floor and play the Oklahoma Thunder, the NBA called off the entire season – at least for the time being. Ironically, Jazz center, Rudy Gobert had previously showed seemingly senseless near-comedic 'bravado' by touching reporters microphones and recorders at the conclusion of a press conference before being diagnosed with the Corona Virus. Besides the temporary loss of gate-and-related revenue streams, there are other issues for the NBA and other sporting ventures, such as fan and player safety as well as the concurrent loss of television air and commercial revenue. These concerns prompted the NCAA to decree earlier in the day that its upcoming games will be played without live fans. . However, the issue of the United State's somewhat and seemingly latent response formulation to the evolving the spread of COVID-19 was first to come under scrutiny by conservatives and liberals alike. Fortunately, President Trump DID address the nation to outline the U.S. response to the Corona Virus outbreak, which includes a temporarily restriction of travel from Europe to the U.S. For the next 30 days, and a call for increased, mandatory paid sick leave for U.S. workers.

CDC.GOV: "Steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19"

When ratings suck in televised sports (or the event is cancelled),
who 'eats' the cost of 'make-goods,' and what ARE make-goods?