If we of were to present this as 'news,' rather than hopefully amusing commentary, Facebook and Twitter would surely castigate us for putting out 'fake news.' So, I will just say this is SARCASTIC COMMENTARY. VERY sarcastic. I have the sneaky suspicion that in the next few weeks, we will find 'softer,' seemingly inadvertant admittals about what is going on in the world today.

First of all, given some time, China's communistic ego will fade regarding the subject, and the country's leaders will admit that the Corona Virus DID originate in their lab outside of Wuhan. However, they will also say that technician who accidentally let loose the virus was tied to a 5G cellphone tower with a rope made of dried bats in central Wuhan to publicly address the embarrassment of their snafu. However, information of partial research funding by the U.S. will be swept under the carpet, with the World Health Organization being asked to investigate. Funding for the WHO investigation, however, will NOT be funded by the U.S.

Next, food inspection commissioners in Chinese and local governments will be forced to admit that their allowing a broad mixture of live and dead animals being made available for the general public likely could have allowed an important 'jump' of the virus from one species-host to another. Accordingly, all food inspection employees in China will be required to watch the episodes of Seinfeld in which the 'soup nazi' is included. However, the episodes will have their Chinese language captions changed to read, "Bat Nazi," instead of "Soup Nazi." I can just see it now -- No More BAT for ANY of us!

Capitol-area Republicans, and Democrats in the United States (especially those who are advisors to the Trump Administration) will be forced to participate in applied management (including disaster mitigation) training. Topics would include,"Management by Example," "Consistency in Leadership," and "How to Advise, Without Being Wishy-Washy and/or Passive-Aggressive." Liberal Democrats will receive additional training entitled, "How to Get Your Message Across Without Using Mainstream Media in Tediously Feeble Attempts at 'Getting' Republicans by Taking Over Their Attention with a Phony Impeachment Attempts.