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NAME: Citygate Associates, LLC
ADDRESS: 600 Coolidge Drive, Suite 150, Folsom, CA 95630
PHONE: 916/827-3405
EMAIL ADDRESS: admin@citygateassociates.com
WEBSITE: https://www.citygateassociates.com/
Client List
Citygate's Experience

NAME: Dolan Consulting Group
ADDRESS: 2840 Plaza Place, Suite 325, Raleigh, NC 27612
PHONE: 919/805-3020
EMAIL ADDRESS: NONE LISTED; CONTACT FORM -- https://www.dolanconsultinggroup.com/contact/
WEBSITE: https://www.dolanconsultinggroup.com/
Client List
Research Services for Police Department Assessment

NAME: Global Investigative Group
ADDRESS: 2655 N. Airport Road, POB 60753, Fort Myers, FL 33906
PHONE: 855/444-7448
EMAIL ADDRESS: globalinvestigator@comcast.net
WEBSITE: https://www.globalinvestigativegroup.com/
Who We Are and Testimonials
Police Practicing Consulting

NAME: Hillard Heintze
ADDRESS: 30 South Wacker Drive, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60606
PHONE: 312/869-8500
EMAIL ADDRESS: info@hillardheintze.com
WEBSITE: https://www.hillardheintze.com/
Case Studies
Law Enforcement Consulting

NAME: LD Consulting, LLC
ADDRESS: UNLISTED; CONTACT FORM -- https://www.ldconsultingllc.com/contact
PHONE: 602/510-8481
EMAIL ADDRESS: Dan@ldconsultingllc.com
WEBSITE: https://www.ldconsultingllc.com/
Agencies Trained

NAME: Midwest Police Consultants, LLC
EMAIL ADDRESS: info@midwestpolice.com
WEBSITE: https://www.midwestpolice.com/
Contract Initiatives
21st Century Policing Opportunities and Training Programs